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Health Insurance Plans for Individuals

We focus on health insurance products which will provide our clients with access to world class medical facilities, both here in China and the rest of the world. International health insurance policies have some unique features which we believe make them by far the best option for ensuring access to comprehensive health cover, whether you are living in China or travelling abroad.

Some of the key features of international health insurance are:

  • Guaranteed Renewability

    • Once you are covered, the insurer is obliged to renew your cover, regardless of your age.

  • Very High Benefits

    • International medical insurance plans generally have much higher limits on their benefits, ensuring worry free use of top medical facilities.

  • Worldwide Cover

    • Policy holders are covered whilst travelling abroad, not only in the country where they live. Cover in the USA is an exception, due to the high cost of medical care in the US, and is only provided there as an optional benefit.

  • Portability

    • If you move, you policy can move with you with no interruption in cover and often with no change to the premium.

  • Cover for Chronic and Pre-existing Conditions

    • Most international health insurance plans can cover chronic or pre-existing conditions in certain circumstances. Local health insurance plans rarely provide cover for such cases.

Our team of health insurance advisors are experts in the industry and can offer help and advice on any aspect of health insurance in China. We specialize in providing the best quality health insurance products, backed by our market leading customer service and years of experience in the industry.